EMS Microgym and
What is EMS?

What is EMS?

EMS is a 20 minutes, high-effectiv, joint-friendly and personally coached whole-body training. During the session you wear a special tracksuit vested with electrodes, to claim all muscle groups at the same time. The external bioelectrical impulse supports the intended muscle contraction which leads to a much higher impact.

Over 6 decades the principles of this method are used in the field of professional sports, astronautics and physical therapy.

Your advantages:

  • less amount of time in comparison to traditional gyms, with only 20min per session
  • using EMS, 1-2 training sessions per week are enough
  • distinct quicker sense of achievement through visible results
  • Client will experience a 100% individually coached training, which prevents faults during the work-out and leads to more motivation
  • FitVision offers a functional whole-body training which tightens, shapes, strengthens, relaxes and also which prevents, on the basis of "Low impact training", bone-, joint- and tendon irritations
  • different options enable an implementation of individual client goals (for example: muscle development, fat burning, counteract back pain...)
  • EMS is usable for all age bands and fitness level
  • training appointment ensures commitments and consequently to an actual utilization of the training offer
  • less expensive than a conventional personal training with a comparable success rate
 Traditional trainingJustFit EMS Technology
Duration of training60-90 min.20 min.
Necessary training frequency5-6 times per week1-2 times per week
Calories burned during training400 Kcal500 Kcal
Calories burnt after trainingnone4000 Kcal in 2-3 days
Expected maximum heart rate180120-130
Visible changeafter 15-20 trainingsafter 4-6 trainings
Anti-cellulite effectnoyes
Weight-loss1xcca. 3x times quicker
Chance of muscular injuryhighvery low
Chance of back injuryhighvery low
Joint indulgencenoyes