EMS Microgym and
Die Vision

Our Vision

The first pillar of our FitVISION is a high-quality service, combining two basic training methods: EMS (electro-muscle-stimulation) and personal training. The training, different from conventional gym the microgym doesn’t need much equipment. The clients are experiencing a 20 minutes, high-effective and personal coached whole-body workout, with a maximum coach-client-ratio from 1:2.

The second component constitutes a gastronomy area which is, according to its healthy, awareness and economic nutrition perfectly compatible with the training aspect.

...Only someone who is taking good care of his nutrition can reach their sportive goals.

The right choice of food increases the daily energy level for us and our body, supports the regenerative processes after a workout and let you feel better and lighter.

Those two components are building a holistic concept in a fitness and health orientated atmosphere.